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Enhanced Assessment Features Now Available for Instructors

We are pleased to announce that our platform now supports instructor-uploaded content, enabling you to create customized multiple-choice or essay questions with scoring rubrics. This update allows you to align assessments more closely with your course materials and better evaluate student understanding.

Take advantage of this new feature to create questions that reflect the specific learning objectives and readings in your course. 

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing about your experience with this enhanced functionality.

Try it out today!

GPT-4o Powers Up Your Personal Digital Assistant

We’re delighted to announce a major milestone: your personal digital assistant now harnesses the cutting-edge capabilities of OpenAI’s latest GPT-4o model! This upgrade enhances your experience by delivering:
  • Faster responses: Get answers and insights with minimal delay.
  • Enhanced response quality: Enjoy more accurate and informative interactions.
And there's more to come with GPT-4o. Stay tuned for future updates that will add even more capabilities:
  • Interactive voice: Imagine seamless voice interactions, ideal for accessibility and hands-free control.
  • Image recognition features: Discover new ways to analyze and learn from visual data, opening up fresh possibilities for teaching and learning.
Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in education!

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Introducing 'Syllabot': A Creative Way to Help Students Learn Your Course Content

Want a fun way to help students master the topics in the syllabus you built with the help of AI Teaching Assistant Pro? Create a 'Syllabot.' 

A 'Syllabot' is an AI bot designed to tutor students on a course syllabus. It requires no specialized skills to create one with AI Tutor Pro.

Here’s how to do it:
  1. Launch the syllabus tool of AI Teaching Assistant Pro and enter your course topic. 
  2. Follow AI Teaching Assistant Pro’s steps of creating a course description, learning outcomes, and course outline.
  3. At each step, click the green clipboard icon to copy the section. Paste the text into your word processor. 
  4. Share your word processor document with your students and ask them to visit AI Tutor Pro.
  5. Tell students to copy and paste the entire document into the My Content box of either the Check or Grow tool. The Check tool asks open ended questions about the document and tells users if they are correct or help them if they answer incorrectly. The Grow tool acts as an interactive Socratic style tutor to help users learn the topic.
  6. Ask students to copy and paste the AI Tutor Pro summary table into your course learning management system if you’d like. There’s also a tool to share the table on social media.

Discover the power of a Syllabot to make your course content come alive. Share your experiences on social media (#aiteachingassistantpro) or directly with Contact North | Contact Nord via the link at the bottom of the home page.

AI Teaching Assistant Pro Now Easier to Access Than Ever

We're pleased to share a convenient new feature of AI Teaching Assistant Pro, making it effortlessly accessible from your mobile or desktop
Quick Start Guide:

Embrace the convenience of AI Teaching Assistant Pro at your fingertips.

Enhance Your Syllabus with the New Slide Content Generator

We are thrilled to unveil the latest innovation to AI Teaching Assistant Pro – the slide content generator. Discover this cutting-edge feature as the fifth step in the syllabus creation process. 

While currently requiring a simple copy-paste into PowerPoint, we're close to launching a tool to create and download PowerPoint slide decks directly in AI Teaching Assistant Pro. Stay tuned for this game-changing update that will eliminate a tedious step in your course preparation!

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