AI Teaching Assistant Pro

Generate a syllabus on any topic

Start by generating a course description then outcomes, an outline, teaching notes, and presentation slide content (beta).

Click on the blue Generate button to proceed.

With this app you can

  • Create a course description on any topic at any academic level
  • Generate higher level course learning outcomes that focus on analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking skills
  • Produce a course syllabus based on the above for any number of weeks
  • Choose the number of subtopics for each weekly topic

Be specific when entering the topic e.g., enter “Graduate Level Instructional Design” instead of just entering “Instructional Design” or “Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry” instead of just entering “Inorganic Chemistry”.

To save your results click on the blue Copy icon and paste into your word processor.

Click again on Generate if you are not satisfied with what’s produced. Note the previous result will be lost when you do this.

Sometimes results may not format properly until all questions are generated.

Refresh your browser before entering a new topic.

ALWAYS double check the generated questions and answers as AI systems can sometimes produce erratic results.

Important: For your safety and privacy, please do not enter any personal or identifiable information into the chatbot