AI Teaching Assistant Pro

Generate Essay Questions with a scoring rubric on any topic


Upload a file. 10 MB max file size.

Click on the blue Generate button to proceed.

With this app you can

  • Create essay questions on any topic at any academic level
  • Choose the number of questions you’d like to generate
  • Select Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced level questions
  • Include a 5-point scoring rubric for each question if desired

Be specific when entering the topic e.g., enter “Effects of Climate Change on Global Ecosystems” instead of just entering “Climate Change” or “The Child Character in the Works of Thomas Mann” instead of just entering “Thomas Mann’s literature.”

To save your results click on the blue Copy icon and paste into your word processor.

Sometimes results may not format properly until all questions are generated.

Refresh your browser before entering a new topic.

ALWAYS double check the generated questions and answers as AI systems can sometimes produce erratic results.

Important: For your safety and privacy, please do not enter any personal or identifiable information into the chatbot